StoriumEDU is a collaborative writing game for youth that builds skill and lasting confidence.

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— Hits a rare and fascinating sweet spot ... Motivate thoughtful and sustained creative writing in your classroom.” Read more...
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“Six weeks later, the students had written some 729,500 words — nearly the equivalent of the first six books of the Harry Potter series.” Read more...

Start transforming your students into motivated writers.


Virtual playing cards unlock creativity.

Gameplay revolves around digital “story cards” that represent different aspects of storytelling and character development. Along with vivid art, these cards serve as writing prompts, helping students figure out what to write next at each step of the game and overcoming the dreaded “writer‘s block.”

A stack of virtual story cards

Characters give students a personal stake.

Each student creates and controls their own unique character. This helps them care about the story that they’re writing and builds strong, lasting motivation and engagement. Characters grow and evolve as the students play and write, just like in a real story.

A grid of character avatars

Students write amazing original stories, together.

Students take turns playing story cards and adding to the story. Paragraph by paragraph, they collaboratively write their own original story simply by playing the game. StoriumEDU’s simple rules motivate even the most reluctant young writers and keep the story moving forward.

An example move, written by a student

Supercharged tools help you encourage young writers.

StoriumEDU tracks your students’ writing speed and progress, giving you insights both into who is excelling and who needs additional attention. Teachers can monitor all student writing, provide feedback, and request revisions.

A graph of a student’s writing progress

Endless stories, endless educational uses.

StoriumEDU is a ”Swiss army knife” that supports an impressively wide range of educational goals. You can use story cards and curricular content from our growing library, created by teachers just like you. You can also easily create your own cards to support your own unique classroom needs.

A tag cloud of curricular uses

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of teachers say StoriumEDU noticeably improves student motivation.


of teachers would recommend StoriumEDU to a colleague.


of students say StoriumEDU is more fun than traditional writing assignments.

160 million

words already written, just by playing a game!



“The National Writing Project is enthusiastic about StoriumEDU‘s potential for educational impact and the importance of its underlying innovation in improving the state of writing instruction.”

Tanya Baker
Director of National Programs
National Writing Project

“StoriumEDU empowers teachers to craft rich, creative, rewarding experiences for their students that help them find their unique writing voice. It made my school year!”

Jeff Brain
Middle school teacher

“I would recommend StoriumEDU to any creative-minded teacher interested in engaging students in storytelling and collaborative writing. It's an excellent platform to help students creatively explore any number of writing skills.”

Beth Clothier
Elementary school teacher

“StoriumEDU is unlike any other writing product I have seen. It offers students unique opportunities for learning, fun, and self-discovery, in a way that is manageable, assessable, and enjoyable for teachers to implement.”

Antero Garcia
Assoc. Professor
Stanford Graduate School of Education


For Teachers


Billed annually, or
$15 if month-to-month.

  • Unlimited play, for every student you teach.
  • Easy classroom rostering
  • Create and share original storyworlds
  • Analyze student writing via our analytics dashboard
For Schools
and Districts

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  • Multiple teachers and classrooms
  • Google Classroom integration
  • School/district analytics
  • Discount volume pricing
For Parents
and Homeschoolers


Billed annually, or
$15 if month-to-month.

  • Keep your kids creatively active and socially engaged at home
  • Play with siblings and friends over the Internet



Designed and tested with students of all ages. Appropriate for late elementary, junior high, and high school students.


Web-based, with nothing to install! Works on Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Designed for COPPA and FERPA. No personal student information collected or shared. The teacher is always in control.

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